Cool Book About Beer Label Design

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 9.13.33 AMCool Beer Labels: The Best Art & Design From Breweries Around the World is now available everywhere. This fun book by Daniel Bellon and Steven Speeg (that I had the pleasure of editing) explores the relationship between the beer industry and graphic design. And if you’ve been paying attention you know that the world of beer is super interesting; the explosion of craft beers and home brewing has changed the industry in a fundamental way – people are passionate about what they are making. It’s reflected in the beer, of course, with a wide variety of brews available and plenty of experimenting – but also in the care that goes into the packaging and marketing of the beers.

And that’s what Cool Beer Labels is all about – the passion of making something good and doing it right.

Here’s a great video with the author:

Also here’s another cool article that mentions the book.


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