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New Book of Pull Out Greeting Cards

August 18, 2014

My new book of pull out greeting cards is going to be available very soon (within the next couple of weeks). OMG I Forgot the Card was coauthored with my designer friend and colleague Claudean Wheeler. It was a fun collaboration and I think the end result is pretty fun and useful (I’ve already used it a couple of times myself).


Here’s the concept in a nutshell: funny greeting cards you pull out, fold and mail. Or keep it in your desk at work. Or in your glovebox. You’ll have a quick greeting card within reach and everyone will think you’re super thoughtful. Unless they have the book too and they see through your charade, in which case you’ll both have a good laugh. It’s a risk, but hey… you were simply card-less before. And you already know how that feels. It feels hollow.

Check out the book website here.

An example card appears below: