Adventures in Editing: A quick stint working a teleprompter

I always enjoy posting about new experiences I have as an editor. I’ve never worked with any filming or video shoots before… but yesterday I got the chance. Writer’s Digest was making a online commercial for a new series of box sets, so I volunteered to help.

I got to run the teleprompter. Which basically means pushing a button. Hey, I also did some editing of the script on the fly (so, don’t mock). It was a fun change of pace to work on the set of a video shoot.

WD’s own Kelly Messerly was the on-screen talent and she did a great job–the commercial was shot in only 4 takes.

Teleprompter-eye view of WD’s commerical featuring Kelly











learn more about the WD Master Box series:

Deluxe Get Published Master Box

Get an Agent, Get Published Master Box

Mastering the Craft of Fiction Master Box

Writing for Children Master Box


One Response to “Adventures in Editing: A quick stint working a teleprompter”

  1. Kelly M. Says:

    We couldn’t have done it without you, Scott!

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