I’ve been posting sporadically lately as I’ve had a lot of projects in the works and haven’t had a chance to post as often. Thought it might be a good time to give a quick run down of some of the things I have going on for anyone who might be interested.

A couple of cool books I’ve been editing are in production now and I can’t wait to see the finished copies:

  • Plot Versus Character by Jeff Gerke (due October 2010): Some writers put the story first, focusing everything around their plot line. Some writers are interested in exploring the intricacies of their characters, and plot takes the back seat. This book offers an approach to writing fiction that allows writers to learn if they are leaning too far toward one of these fiction elements or the other and find the right balance.
  • The 90 Day Novel by Sarah Domet (Due November 2010): Need a kick in the pants? This day-by-day plan for outling and writing your novel is full of great advice, exercises to get your project done. It’s stern but funny inspirational tough love.

Plus, Dinty Moore‘s wonderful Crafting the Personal Essay is now available. Check out the article “Write Your Essay the Reader-Friendly Way” in the October issue of Writer’s Digest magazine.

I’m also prepping for our WD’s latest Editor Intensive Writing Workshop this weekend where writers will spend one day taking in lectures and panels and a second day in one-on-one critique sessions with WD editors. I’m meeting with 7 writers on Sunday. It’s always exciting to talk to other writers about the craft.

Finally, I wanted to mention that I’m schedule to sit on a panel at the AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Programs) Conference for 2011. Here’s a description:

Things That Go Bump When You Write: Monsters, Myths and the Supernatural in Literary Fiction
B.J. Hollars, Hannah Tinti, Laura van den Berg, Scott Francis
What do Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and ghosts all have in common? For one, over the past year, they’ve all managed to stomp, swim and haunt their way onto the literary scene. Join writers as they discuss their experiences implementing supernatural elements into their fiction. Panelists will offer tips on how to add credibility to the incredible and humanity to the inhuman. They will also explore the evolving definitions of gothic and grotesque in the 21st century.


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I'm a writer and editor. I've worked for Writer's Digest, HOW and Popular Woodworking and have authored and co-authored several books including "The Monster Spotter's Guide to North America," "The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook," and "The Writer's Book of Matches."
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