Memoir Writing

My office is abuzz with talk about memoir writing at the moment since our July/August issue of Writer’s Digest Magazine hit newsstands last week. It’s an exciting time for memoir writers as memoir gets a lot of exposure these days. Our feature package in the magazine has some great coverage of the topic with a round up of top literary agent’s thoughts on the subject of memoir (compiled by WD’s editor Jessica Strawser), plus a great article on finding a hook by Paula Balzer, author of the forthcoming Writing & Selling Your Memoir (due June 2011).

I’m currently working with Balzer on her upcoming book and I think anyone interested in writing memoir is in for a real treat. Balzer is Brooklyn-based literary agent a huge fan of memoirs herself… she has some great insights.

Crafting the Personal Essay by Dinty W. Moore

Another great book to check out is Dinty W. Moore’s Crafting the Personal Essay. This is an inspiring book for anyone interested in writing creative nonfiction whether you’re writing a book length memoir or a shorter piece. While Moore’s book is more closely focused on different kinds of shorter essays- ranging from travel essays to humor essays to spiritual essays- the process of delving within to find your inspiration is the same. Moore’s book is one of the best books I’ve had the opportunity to edit and I highly recommend it for writers of any genre, really. The book comes out in August, so keep an eye out for it. For a preview check out this piece Moore wrote for AARP on writing life stories.

Also, check out these online courses for memoir and personal essay writers.


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One Response to Memoir Writing

  1. Carolyn says:

    For the past 10 years I thought of writing a memoir and now for the first time, I am interested in beginning to explore the idea more closely. I’ve never written anything before so this will be my first time. I’m not sure where to begin.

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