When A Book Goes to Press…

Here’s a glimpse into the life of an editor for you:

So, when we send books off to press we’ve looked at them so many times we start to feel nervous  that we’ve missed something. We’ve read them, helped the author revise them, line edited them and proofread them (with the help of other sets of eyes of course). But you still can’t shake that nagging feeling you missed something.

This afternoon one of my authors sent me THE dreaded email. “MAJOR TYPO” was the subject line. The book is at press–being printed. I start scrambling through proofs looking for error. That’s when I get the “Oops, sorry. I was looking at an older proof.” email.

I try not to panic in any situation, but I’d be lying if I said my stomach didn’t do a few somersaults. Whew. False alarm.

But, yes. Your editor cares. He/she really does.


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