Fun stuff in NYC


Requisite pic of Times Square from my hotel room window.

Requisite pic of Times Square from my hotel room window.

Hi all, so yesterday I posted my recap of the writer’s conference in NY. Today I thought I’d tell you about a couple of other things I did (a lot of time was spent at the conference, but I did manage to get out a couple of nights).


First of all, let me say again how much fun I had at the Bowery Poetry Club. All of the poets who slammed did an awesome job and I even got a chance to read some of my pirate haikus in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day. Here’s one of the ones I read:

She’s a salty lass

With a pirate’s ‘eart fer sure

She took everythin’

I went out to dinner at a couple of cool places:

First, after the poetry slam we went to a place called Lil’ Frankie’s in the East Village. It’s a Neopolitan pizza place great food and an extensive wine list. I actually didn’t get pizza–I went with roasted chicken and olive oil mashed potatoes (which were awesome). My friends ordered a chicken parm dish, a “pizza burger”–essentially a tasty looking meatball sandwich, and a salad (can’t remember which one). But everything looked great and I’d definitely recommend the place (19 First Avenue).

On Saturday night I struck out on my own to explore a little and ended up in Hell’s Kitchen. I ducked a little place called the Afghan Kebab House. A friendly couple at the table next to where I was seated commended me on trusting my instincts and told me they’d been coming to the place for something like 20 years. The food was very good. I had lamb kebabs with basmati rice. Here are a few reviews of the place

My philosophy when in NY is get away from Times Square and find something authentic. So if you happen to be in these areas these are a couple of options.


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3 Responses to Fun stuff in NYC

  1. beckylevine says:

    Wow! Your hotel room was HIGH!

    Someday I am going to get to NYC. I’m going to take a good friend as a guide, though, and explore at the side of someone who already knows the place.

  2. seescottwrite says:

    yep. 36th floor. riding the elevators was freaky because they have glass ones and you can look down at the lobby as you ride.

    good plan to have a friend as a guide. i learned a little about the city from a friend who made sales trips there all the time. i see something new there every time.

  3. Grace the Bloody says:

    I be wantin’ to read the rest o’ ye pirate haiku matey! Arr!

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