Endless Summer

It’s Monday and I’m sitting here at my desk contemplating my week. There’s just so much stuff to do and things going on that my head is spinning.

  • I’m working with judges on getting all the rankings in from WD’s Annual Competition and then the team and I will go through the results to determine a grand prize winner. 
  • I’ve got several great book projects in the works including The Writing & Critique Group Survival Guide by Becky Levine, Write Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison, and The Writer’s Digest Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy. 
  • My Novel Writing issue of WD is headed off to the printer and will hit newstands next month.
  • This weekend we’ll be hosting another WD Editor’s Intensive workshop where writers get to listen to some great lectures and panels, and recieve one-on-one help with their manuscript.

Plus, in my free time I’m still training like crazy at the taekwondo school. I just competed in the Battle of Cincinnati where I got first place in sparring and board breaking. I placed second in forms. It was very exciting and has got me looking forward to my association test next month . I’m also planning on judging a test for under black belts at our school this weekend and hope to attend a special seminar with the grand master of our style.


Battle of Cincinnati 2009.

Battle of Cincinnati 2009.










All of this stuff is a lot of fun, but I’m hoping that soon I’ll get a chance to take a vacation.


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