So Say We All

475_bsg_090319So today I have pretty much one preoccupation. I’m getting through the day to watch the final episode of Battlestar Galactica.

BSG is pretty much the only reason I still get Direct TV. I couldn’t care less about any reality show frankly. And there aren’t that many shows that are written so well that I can’t wait until I can Netflix them.

But BSG has strung me along for years despite all of the half seasons and obvious marketing ploys. Yep. And I usually plop down my 40 bones for a half season when it comes out on DVD. Cause it’s just that good.

And tonight it’s over. I’m having some people over to drink some ambrosia and send the old girl out in style.

Then I’m probably gonna cancel my Direct TV… (and maybe that will result in me getting some more writing done). I’m trying to find the silver lining. Really trying.


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I'm a writer and editor. I've worked for Writer's Digest, HOW and Popular Woodworking and have authored and co-authored several books including "The Monster Spotter's Guide to North America," "The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook," and "The Writer's Book of Matches."
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3 Responses to So Say We All

  1. beckylevine says:

    Scott, We’ve been looking for a “new” series to watch on DVD with our son (13 yrs old). We just found (and finished Firefly) and we did The Dresden Files–if you’ve seen either of these. Should we start with Season 1 of BSG? I remember the OLD version, so I’ve been skeptical!

  2. seescottwrite says:

    Well. It’s not like the old version, which was pretty campy. It’s really pretty intense. Lot’s of violence and adult themes (sex, alcoholism, betrayal, revenge… but also loyalty, faith, and redemption). I’m sure your son would love it, but of course I don’t know what sort of things you let him watch. But it’s an amazing show. Great writing, good acting and movie quality special effects (and enough nods to the old show to generate nostalgia, but not in a corny way at all).

  3. beckylevine says:

    Thanks, Scott–it sounds great. “Themes” are okay! 🙂

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