The Last 5 Books I Read

I’m a sucker for lists. Most of the writers I know are. So I was thinking about the books I’ve read in my spare time most recently and here’s a list starting with the most recent. I’ve been doing a lot of re-reading lately of books that I’ve read before.

  • A Single Pebble by John Hersey–Okay so this one is a re-read. I read it years ago and thought it a great story about self-discovery and appreciation of simplicity in life.
  • A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore–I love Christopher Moore… anyone that combines humor with vampires, demons, aliens or Death is okay in my book.
  • After Dayton by C.S. Carrier–Carrier is a friend of mine from school. This book of poetry is lyrical and full of wonderful visual language. 
  • Zen and the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams–I read this in an evening, and am reading it again. It’s a classic for anyone who practices martial arts, but is full of good life lessons even if you don’t. I was saddened by the author’s recent passing.
  • I Am a Cat by Natsume Soseki–Another re-read. My sister gave me this book years ago, insisting that I read it. Every now and again I go back to it to learn from the feline narrator’s commentary on humanity and to laugh at his epic battle with a particularly sticky rice cake–still cracks me up.

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