Old blog/new blog

sepiaSo, I got permission to link to my “new” blog from the Writer’s Digest site. I’m hoping that if you used to read my previous Writer’s Digest blog “The M-Word” then this will be of interest to you. 

The M-Word was devoted to marketing pursuits for writers-you see I used to be marketing manager for Writer’s Digest Books. I’m an editor now and hope to share my insights and adventures in the publishing industry with other writers.

1531_1588_largeIn addition to editing, I’m a writer myself. I’ve had one book published (Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America), am the founder of a small literary journal, and have worked in publishing for about seven years and in books for about fifteen or so. I’m not claiming to have boundless experience. I’m learning as I go. I’m hoping some of the things that I learn along the way will be helpful to folks with similar aspirations as mine.

I’ve been keeping this blog for a few months now, but am hoping it will reach more people in the writing community through it’s affiliation with Writer’s Digest. 

I’m an employee for Writer’s Digest, and I really enjoy my work. I plan to talk about projects that I work on as an editor for WD, but also to discuss my own writing projects, as well as share advice and anecdotes about the work I do. 

So, while this blog isn’t exactly new, it’s a new beginning for me. So check out some of the older entries and stay tuned for more. I hope you enjoy it.


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