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Books I’m Editing: an Update

February 26, 2009

aliencoverSo two of the books I’m working on have gone off to production (they’re out of my hands now). I’ve mentioned them before: The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook by WH Mumfrey and The Fire In Fiction by Don Maass.

I’m currently immersed in a book called Write Like the Masters by William Cane, which teaches writers how to emulate aspects of the styles of the Greats. It covers Hemingway, Doestoyevski, Kafka, Salinger, Faulkner, Edgar Rice Burroughs and many others. In addition to being insightful about writing technique, it’s also very interesting as it dips into some personal facts about these great novelists as well.

Another book I’m working on is Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison. This will be a revised edition of a book that has been a mainstay for songwriters for more than a decade.

I’m also toying with the idea of putting together a collection of my own short stories to either shop around or possibly self-publish. I’ve published a few things on my own before (literary journals), so it might be fun to try it on my own. I haven’t decided yet… guess I need to compile all the stories first (and revise them).

Happy Voodoo

February 25, 2009

Yesterday at the office we had a Mardi Gras Fete. Everyone made voodoo dolls. Mine is the scary one.

Voodoo dolls by Amy, Grace, Scott and Melissa.

Voodoo dolls by Amy, Grace, Scott and Melissa.

Fan Mail

February 18, 2009

I occasionally get a note from someone who has read my book Monster Spotter’s Guide to North America. Today I got one of the nicest ones I’ve ever received:

“My daughter (8 years old) desperately wanted your book after seeing it in a bookstore. She is now also an avid Monster Quest watcher and was extremely excited to see a monster guide. Previously I have had very difficult times with her because she was deathly afraid of monsters she imagined in her room, in her closet, growing out of the walls, and a ghost that she sees in our back yard. I told her the best way to not be afraid of something was to learn all you could about it. It wont seem as scary if you get to know it. Because of reading your book, she found out that not all monsters are scary (in fact some are quite nice), has come up with theories (some monsters might be real and debunking some monsters)of her own, and is just generally not as afraid of what might “be out there”. For that, I thank you VERY MUCH. You have an extremely avid fan in my daughter. She carries your book around with her everywhere now…”

Valentine’s Day Competition eBook

February 13, 2009

Check out this Valentine’s Day themed e-book that I recently worked on. Available for download at:

Fun essays, letters and poems for the love sick or the sick of love.


This was a fun book that I edited in an afternoon.

This was a fun book that I edited in an afternoon.

Things I’m Doing These Days

February 6, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted-something I’ve come to understand is a cardinal blogging sin. But, things have been kind of hectic. Here’s what’s going on with me:

  • -I’m about to wrap up editing a couple of books at work. One is The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook by W.H. Mumfrey, which is quite funny. Another is The Fire In Fiction by well-known literary agent Donald Maass.
  • I withdrew one of my book proposals from consideration at a publisher. They asked for some changes that I really didn’t want to make… perhaps it was unwise, but I’m pretty busy right now and didn’t want to do the book if it wasn’t going to be fun.
  • I’m working with a personal trainer to try to get ready for my test for 2nd Degree Black Belt coming up in the spring. This is preoccupying a lot of my time away from work, including my reading (I’m reading a lot of Eastern philosopy right now).
  • I’m trying to eat at home more, both to save money and also to eat more healthy (again… upcoming test).
  • I’m trying to figure out a good time to visit my Dad in NC. My grandfather passed away last month and I need to help my Dad with some of his affairs.
  • Kicking myself for not writing more, but I tell myself I’m gathering ideas right now.